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Product Information
Oatside Oat Milk - Barista Edition - 1L

Why We Love It

- 100% plant-based, no saturated fats, lactose-free, less sugar
- Natural, Organic

- 70% less emissions, 95% less water, and 80% less land use than dairy milk

Oatside Oat Milk

  • Oatside Oat Milk - Oatside’s mission is to provide healthy, sustainable oat milk for people who don’t care for plant milks, by being incredibly delicious.

    As one of Asia’s only full-stack plant milk startups, Oatside is committed to delivering high quality oat milk from its state-of-the-art facility, ensuring that the process from oat to milk is sustainably-sourced and unadulterated for your enjoyment.

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